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MyGymTok’s private social networking site is open to all registered USAG Gymnasts only. To ensure the private nature of MyGymTok’s networking platform we require all users to pre-register. Pre-registration allows us to confirm user information ensuring the privacy and safety to those using MyGymTok. 

Once your pre-registration information is validated, MyGymTok will email you a password to log in and begin creating your MyGymTok profile. Once again, our pre-registration policy ensures our commitment to safety and privacy as we continue to develop and grow a supportive community for all level of gymnasts.


MyGymTok’s Mission

• To create a networking community centered around the sport of Gymnastics. A place where gymnasts at any level can encourage one another and share their gymnastics journey with other gymnasts.

• We will also be creating a gymnast profile service. This service will allow parents and gymnasts to develop a professional profile page(s) highlighting a gymnast’s performances, accomplishments, and all-around gymnastics journey.



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